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I'd like to take a moment and share with you a little about my inspiration for starting this website business. It all began between the lines of "My Chiropractic Message", a poem I wrote back in 1998 as a student at NYCC. The purpose of the poem was to define my future chiropractic identity "completely" and "purely" using both my heart & soul.

I've been told many times while in chiropractic school by the most successful and fulfilled chiropractors in the country that, true success is always fueled by one thing...Passion. To that advice I did listen and had applied it ever since.As a result, my passion & commitment to the chiropractic profession grew ever stronger and it fueled my vision of a long ans successful career as a family chiropractor. My goals at that time were simple; to own my own office and to firmly establishing my chiropractic identity within the eyes of the community in which I practice.I am proud to share with you that for over 10 years now I'm still living my dream and have accomplished all of my in school goals as mentioned above. I am living proof that when a person puts action behind their dreams the results they achieve become limitless.If I can do it, then so can you! Please join me in helping the greatest profession in the world reach its true potential by sharing and promoting "The Chiropractic Message."


Ask yourself, "Who will Read my Message, Become Inspired by it, Believe in it, and be Guided by it?"
Come grow with us! Send me an e-mail from our "Contact Page" and tell me what new products you'd like to see my poem on. Our family business was created to help other chiropractors reach their true potential in practice.

Your ideas & feedback will help us create the most passionate and inspiring products in the business. Our purpose is to spread the Chiropractic Message throughout the world. When I wrote the "My Chiropractic Message" poem out of frustration back in 1998, while attending NYCC after exams. One day I came home from school and told my wife Colleen that I was literally sick of chiropractic. She looked me straight in the eyes and said,"You have the right to be as mad & frustrated as you want to be, but never for get why you enrolled in chiropractic school in the first place." So I threw down my bag, got a hot cup of coffee, I sat down at the table and a million emotions ran through me. After it was all said and done, I looked down at the white sheet of paper and just authored "My Chiropractic Message". Since that emotional filled day, over 10 years ago, my wife Colleen continues to be my greatest source of inspiration.

When I graduated NYCC in April of 2000, my passion and purpose to serve chiropractic to the masses burned brighter than ever. As a result of successfully establishing my chiropractic identity in my community, "I used the "My Chiropractic Message" poem to build, but more importantly sustain, my practice for over a decade. I believe today, as strongly as I did back then that, "If the public truly understood what we really do as Chiropractors, there would not be enough of us to go around."

Your input and feedback will help us spread "The Chiropractic Message" both far and near. Together, along with our practice members, we can finally help the great profession of Chiropractic reach its true potential. 

Thank you for visiting our website and purchasing our products. We look forward to helping you reach all of your chiropractic practice goals.

Just remember, "Your foundation for chiropractic success always starts with YOUR Chiropractic Message, PERIOD."    


Always Yours in Chiropractic,                                    
Dr. Vic Naumov, D.C.                                       
Author, My Chiropractic Message                                       
Creator of The Chiro-Squad(R) Superheroes                                                                                          

 LEGAL NOTE: My Chiropractic Message is protected by federal copyright laws and is the sole property of its author.It may not be reproduced in part or in any way. (C) copyright 1998-2012 Dr. Vic Naumov, DC. All Rights Reserved.