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 The CHIRO-SQUAD Superheroes(R)
"Connecting Kids & Chiropractic Across The Globe"

Dr. Vic Naumov Creates “The Chiro-Squad(R) Superheroes Trading Cards” 
Our Set of 30 Trading Cards Teach Kids:
Spinal Structure & Function, the Complete Spinal Nerve Chart and the 33 Chiropractic Principles.

Dr. Vic Naumov, DC, creator of The Chiro-Squad(R) Superheroes is a successful New Jersey Family Chiropractor who has been using his team of five superheroes since their creation in 1997 to connect kids and chiropractic across the globe. Dr. Naumov has just released a groundbreaking set of 30, Chiro-Squad(R) trading cards designed specifically to excite, educate and motivate school-aged kids to learn about the health benefits of Chiropractic care.  “My purpose is to expand chiropractic education among kids and families by using a medium that has not been used in chiropractic before, Superhero Trading Cards,” explains Dr. Naumov. 

“Each trading card represents one spinal level, equaling 24 cards, the other 6 are bonus cards. Selling in three separate variety packs of 10 cards each, to complete the set of 30 cards, all three packs must be purchased. With the proven successful track record of using superheroes to market everything to kids in today’s mainstream media, with the release of this set of trading cards, now Chiropractic gets its turn to benefit from an expanded global platform,” Naumov says.“I just feel so good about creating a unique tool Chiropractors can use when they educate their communities about the benefits of Chiropractic care. Now, for example, they can go into a school or speak to an organization or group and give everyone a pack of trading cards to take home. Essentially, taking the spinal nerve chart off the wall and putting it in their hands! This method plants the Chiropractic seed. Establishing positive relationships within your community is essential in developing a successful practice. I give one trading card to each child, during their visit. After they collect all 30 cards, I also give them a free, autographed Chiro-Squad(R) Superheroes poster to take home. They love it!” 

Dr. Vic Naumov, DC is the creator of The Chiro-Squad(R) Kids Club Internal Marketing System(TM) and the CEO of Chiro-Squad Enterprises, LLC. As a leader in the family chiropractic movement, he has been featured on numerous national radio and television programs. 

How to Use the Chiro-Squad(R) Trading Cards & Grow Your Practice From the INSIDE ~ OUT?

How you choose to use these cards is completely up to you. 

However...............I use them as give-a-ways for holidays in my office or when I speak at schools or various groups. Also at screenings, open-houses & patient appreciation days, as well as a thank you for referrals. (Only one pack per person though). To get more cards, the complete set of 30, they have to become active practice members. Also, remember 1 set, 30 cards is for 1 person. If you have 20 kids in your practice, you need to order 20 sets.

As part of our Chiro-Squad(R) Kids Club Program, at the first visit, I give the “United” card along with either the “Guardians” card (if boy) & “Life-Force” card (if girl) along with a card the is associated with the subluxation level for that visit. Each time they come in they get a new card to add to their collection. Each time they get an A or B on their report card I give them an extra card. Their Birthday, an extra card (You must keep track). For them to collect all 30 cards they must complete their treatment plan. 

When they collect all 30 cards, I also give them an autographed Chiro-Squad(R) Poster for their room. I write something cool & personal on it, the Kids love that! (You can order them too off our website). Lastly, after all 30 cards are collected, we give them 6 raffle tickets to place in a bowl in front of one of 3 "Patient Appreciation Prizes" drawn the last week of the year. It's their choice which bowl the put them in. Again, really it's up to you. Use them how you see fit in your office. Only you know what will work in your office from an internal marketing stand point. Be creative, have fun & most of all use the cards as a "teaching tool." That is what they were designed for. My purpose is to help connect Kids & Chiropractic across the globe. Thanks for joining me!

HOW to Simply Implement Our Chiro-Squad(R) Kids Club Internal Marketing System

Dr. Vic's trademark Internal Kids' Marketing System, is now available for purchase on our website and is recommended to be used in the following 4 steps... 

 Step 1: Matte and display in a black frame the 3 specifically designed posters in your office. Matte the waiting-room poster (spine image) on RED and the other 2 on BLUE and GREEN for your adjusting rooms.

Step2: After their first adjustment, write their name on the Official Chiro-Squad Kids Club Membership Card, present it to them and welcome them to the club. Also hand them the "United" Trading Card, as well as, the "Guardian"

Step 3: After each follow up visit, give out 1 of 3, I'm a Chiro-Squad Kid!, Stickers or Temporary Tattoos.

Step 4: Give one Chiro-Squad(R) Trading Card after each additional visit. Have fun with kids as the strive to collect all 30 cards!

Our "Exclusive Office Kit" is the simplest, most creative and time tested method of getting the kids you already have in practice excited about receiving chiropractic care as part of a healthy lifestyle, NOT a treatment. Also, our kit plants the seed for parents who are current practice members and are not currently NOT bringing in their kids to have their spines checked regularly, to do so. If it's good enough for Mom & Dad, then it's good enough for Son & Daughter. 

**Chiropractic care should be a "Family Affair". With our Chiro-Squad(R) Kids' Club Kit IT IS!**

Want to See More Kids in Your Practice? Then Look No Further!

 The Chiro-Squad(R) Kids' Club Program
"The BEST Kids Internal Marketing System on the Planet!" 
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