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Dear Fellow Chiropractor:

Back in 1997 while still a student at NYCC, a new dad and a superhero fanatic, I dreamed of creating and utilizing superheroes to teach kids throughout the world about the benefits of regular chiropractic care. Armed with nothing more than my creativity, a pencil and a dream, I created The Chiro-Squad(R), Superheroes, "Guardians of the 33 Chiropractic Principles!" Specifically named for the regions of the spine, Cervico(R), Thoracico(R), Thoracica(R), Lumbardo(R) and Sacra(R) superheroes were born. Upon graduation, with nothing more than my passion for chiropractic and a drive to succeed, I opened my family practice in September of 2000.

 I exclusively used The Chiro-Squad(R) Superheroes Kids' Club Program as my "secret" internal marketing tool and successfully built my solo practitioner, family- based, home-office practice.I used the superheroes (as a delivery system) in a simple 4-step program aimed educating kids of all ages, as well as their parents, about the importance of having their spines checked regularly for subluxations. My purpose was to teach them to why chiropractic care is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Now it's your turn to use my exclusive products and explode your family practice with more kids of all ages. There is no better time than NOW to build a healthier generation of kids and families in YOUR community!

May Innate Flow Through You...Always,
                     Dr. Vic Naumov, D.C.
                       President & CEO
                       Creator of The Chiro-Squad(R) Superheroes

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"We received our Tattoos yesterday...handed them ALL out & they were a HUGE  hit! The kids loved them and the parents thought they were the bomb!!!! Can't wait for our order to get here!!! Thank you!"   ~Shawn Bretta Koca

   "How could I not  become a fan? Our next generation of healthy adults are the present  generation of children who need chiropractic in their lives. You go Dr.  Vic! " ~Bruce Hansbrough, DC
 "I just wanted to  share. I have a little boy that came in last week.  Put on a temp. tattoo & he was so excited. Didn't want to leave the office, but when he  did was singing "I'm so happy" as they went out the door. I need to order more."    ~Jennifer Morgan Frost, DC
*ORDER Sets of Our "Best-Selling" Chiro-Squad(R) Trading Cards!*
Teach: Spinal Structure & Function, The Complete Spinal Nerve Chart & The 33 Chiropractic Principles.
Cards are sold 10 per pack; collect all 3 packs to complete the set of 30 cards!
MORE: Referrals, Excitement, Education, Community  Awareness, Connecting Kids & Chiropractic.
*CHIROS ONLY: FREE Sample (Single Pack) e-mail us your name & office address. (Limit...1 pack per office). 
"Connecting Kids & Chiropractic Across the Globe."SM
""Using your chiro tattoos today at our  patient party!  Kids love 'em!" ~Joshua Norine, DC

"We received our Chiro-Squad packet today, and the kids love it - so do the parents!  Thanks Dr. Vic!!!"  ~Lyle Koca, DC

"Your stuff rocks and the kids just love'em....thanks for what YOU do!!!" ~Chris Lockerman, DC

"I am making lots of kid friendly changes in my  office and your products are great... I've always been a Spider-Man guy so the hero theme sold me! Love it." ~Joe Manza, DC

"The poster rocks!  The cards rock! The  stickers are a hit!" ~Andrew Bonci, DC

"I love these products!" ~Patricia Paterna, Ass. Ex. Director, CT Chiropractic Council

"I currently don’t see a ton of pediatric patients in my Chiropractic  practice but I’m hoping these Chiro-Squad trading cards will help change  that. I think the trading cards are a fantastic idea and a great way to  communicate the Chiropractic wellness model to entire families. I want  to thank Dr. Vic Naumov, D.C. for creating such a great product, at a  great price." ~James Brown, DC
The NEW, FUN & EXCITING way of teaching School-age Kids the Spinal Nerve Chart.
~ Handing out our 30 Trading Cards. 
1 card for each segment (24) plus 6 bonus hero origin cards.
*(5 Superhero Wall Decal Designs) SALE going on NOW!*
* Kids & Chiros love them. 
*Collect all 5 Superheroes.
 * 24" round image powered by FatHead(R) technology
* Made of self-adhesive, peel & stick, high quality vinyl.
* Die cut, high-def, easy to apply, movable & reusable.
* Sticks to most smooth surfaces.

*Sample image on left is what it would look like on your wall.*

Visit our "Products" section to select an image & place your order.

2.5" round, glossy STICKERS! Order all 5 Superheroes TODAY!
Looking for a COOL, NEW Adjusting table for your school-age kids? Then check out our Official, "I'm a Chiro-Squad Kid. My Power is On!" Adjusting Table (with drops) manufactured "exclusively" by LLoyd Tables. 

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